The Science Behind Our Wellness

We produce and distribute custom jewelry that’s been “charged” with natural ores to better tune with the earth’s frequency!

When you wear and possess these charged pieces (bands, necklaces, stones, jewels etc) your body can share these charges. The benefits are amazing, and nearly endless! More energy, stamina, balance, etc. Your entire body carries less stress, and starts to align itself for optimal performance physically and mentally.

The concept is known as the Schumann Resonance: global electromagnetic “resonances”, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity which is formed near the Earth’s surface and in it’s ionosphere.As beings, our bodies share some of these frequencies that are sent out naturally from the earth. Our brains share some of the earth’s frequencies meaning that everything is connected in some form of electromagnetic circle of life.

Schumann Resonance is named after the  German physicist, Professor W.O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich. 

Although the title  “Schumann” was given to this phenom, it was actually something that Nikola Tesla discovered during some testing of his own. Tesla was too far ahead of his time and nobody took him seriously. When Professor Schumann did some digging of his own in the mid 1950’s people started to listen! Since then there have been a series of additional facts compiled about the Schumann Resonance.