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Do these Wellness bands really work? How do I know the 7.83hz charge will last?

Aside from our frequently asked questions regarding Tesla, and Schumman's findings, the earths natural frequencies and how people can benefit from being grounded to those frequencies we've put together some live testimonials from current and previous clients! Take a look at what they have to say about their TRUE experience with our wellness bands and charged jewelry:

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"My name is Ryan Olson. I'm 24. I work construction right now, I also go to school. And basically with this band, what I've noticed is my sleep. I got bed a little easier and I wake up feeling great! I get up and I can start my day. I used to get up at like 10 o'clock on the weekends and now I'd up at 8. And I'm starting my day out with like a workout. And I can't explain it. You gotta do the test to believe it. I know it looks like a hoax cause I'm a huge skeptic but I've shown it to my roommates, I've shown it to my girlfriend. And it just, it just, I can't figure it out. It's just awesome!"

Ryan Olson - Improved Sleep
Tempe, Az

"My name is Andrew Park. I have the "power band" from Halo for about a one week now, exactly one week. And it has improved me with my memory. Um, I have 4 fingers on my left hand, so my body is a little unbalanced when I work out, when I lift bars and stuff. So with the band on, it helps me to get a better work out, to push harder, to go further. Without the band I can't go that extra mile. Pushups are unbalanced, I feel like my left side is always falling. And pretty much it just powers me up. I feel like a Super Saiyan."

Andrew Clark - Must see!!
Tempe, Az

"Hey I'm John from Nebraska. I got me a wristband out here at a swap meet down here just east of Mesa here, 6 weeks ago. I actually got 5 of them that day. And uh, came back down here on business 6 weeks later for just some things. And I'm taking back 16 more with me. I showed them to family and friends and stuff and they've been begging to get some more. Honestly for me it's been, its been uh, it's really helped me. I feel like it's helped my balance, helped my strength, helps you sleep better at night. My brother in law hegot one, he wants another one. He's got bad arthritis and his pain in his legs and arms have gone away pretty much. So I don't know for sure but it seems to working so I'm getting 16 more."

John from Nebraska - Back for 16 more!
Mesa, Az