Feeling Better And Looking Better

Your Feeling Better is a natural wellness store that sells a series of natural, organic, holistic healing/wellness items. Our products typically come in the form of jewelry. Our wellness jewelry comes from many different backgrounds and regions of the world including 7.83hz charged jewelry, custom made reiki jewelry (charged by a reiki master) and a series of natural stones and crystals.

Depending on your ailment our charged jewelry can have you feeling and looking better in no time! 7.83hz happens to be the earth’s natural frequency and professor Schumann was able to prove that our biological and ecological systems will also thrive when they are exposed to these natural frequencies. The human body can benefit from exposure to these natural frequencies rather than un-natural frequencies that we receive from microwaves, cell phones and things other un-natural sources.

Orgone is another common item that’s used to provide the better feelings that your body can receive with natural wellness. Orgone is an epoxy that contains several types of metals, minerals, and ores from the earth. The most natural forms of wellness and ancient wellness derives from sources such as reiki, orgone, and grounding your body back to the earth’s natural frequencies.