An intro to the Schumann Resonance

A phenomenon dealing with the earths natural frequencies. A theory that’s surrounded by MUCH controversy including who discovered it, how valid it is, and particularly how effective the resonances that our earth naturally produces are regarding improving our bodies balance, energy, focus, alignment and more.





The Theory has been progressively studied for centuries, many believe that Nikola Tesla was one of the earliest to discover and attempt to describe this phenomenon. Whatever that case it came to be known as Schumann’s Resonance taking it’s name after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who receives credit for predicting it mathematically in the 1950’s



Our charged product line focuses on increasing your bodies balance by GROUNDING your body back to the earth’s natural frequencies. Ideally your body is composed of cells which are altered when exposed to alternate frequencies and or waves. The most common waves we know of which can be harmful¬†from prolonged exposure include cell phones and microwaves. We believe that your body can be returned to it’s natural state after a brief period of time by possessing or wearing something that can carry the earths natural charge. Items such as ores, or metals that come from the earth have the ability to carry these “charges.”

Schumanns resonances